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Who we are

A small team of a very talented people with logistics roots as far back as the 90's. Individually good and collectively great!

What we do

Provide quality logistics services to make it easier for goods to be transported across North America

Why we do it

Passion and love for logistics. We are obsessed over every detail. From making the clients happy by providing the best experience.


Arid Logistics LLC is an innovative registered logistics company with Department of Transpotation (DOT) to provide trucking Services in the country, having Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and also INTERNATIONAL FUEL TAX AGREEMENT (IFTA). Arid Logistics works is in the front-runner in providing cost effective logistics Services. We offer direct services to customers via throughout the 48 states. As a logistics and transport company, Arid Logistics also provides Disptaching services. Arid Logistics utilizes latest state of the art technologies and proprietary solutions to serve a large base of customers.

Arid Logistics LLC is established to offer an inexpensive, logistics and transport services to institutions and Businesses throughout the country. It was formed by experienced and capable professionals of the field. The company developed a highly- skilled team dedicated to developing a solutions to offer clients the greatest degree of reliability and services at a more affordable price. Arid Logistics LLC, with its in-depth knowledge of trucking business industry, will evolve into a large specialized, logistics and transport in the whole of North America in the coming years.

The market for logistics and transport in US is wide open. Demand for cargo transport is massive. The online shopping market is even more exciting driving the demand for transportation due to the lack of enough resources in the whole of the country. Arid Logistics LLC developed a compelling business concept that leverages advances in technology and proprietary tools to offer a market need at below market prices. At Arid Logistics LLC, our logistics and transport connects through our premier partners whose inter-network connections have the best route to all part of the country in th US.

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